The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    Name: Tsuki Tenshi
    Nickname: Moon Shine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16 (3 in wolf years)
    Grade: 10th Grade
    Family: Shiranui Hitogoroshi, Half brother/ MiHiko
    Breed: Timber Wolf
    Sexual Orientation: Bi curious

    Wolf Appearance: Tsuki is a Whitish-gray wolf. Over her right eye is a marking of red and blue together in the shape of a circle and a lighting bolt connected. Her hackles are medium size. Twined with the fur from her hackles are two Indian feathers, the same shade as her fur. Her right eye is sky blue and her left a light yellow. Her fur comes across tattered and uneven, but when touched it’s as soft as rabbit fur.

    Human Appearance: Tsuki is a slim figured girl. Her hair is a light blond, with a slight gold color to it as well. She wears a headband with feather like ears. She wears a neckless of gold trim and with a light teal color inside. Her eye color is a light blue, and her complexion is pale. Her clothes are a light teal and white strapless dress. On the dress is gold trim around the bottom, top and middle. She has white arm sleeves that match her dress. They sleeves stop at her mid upper arm and also have gold trim around the top. Her footwear is boots that are a light blue. The boots stop at mid thigh, and have a gold trim at the top.

    Wolf History: Tsuki comes from a small quite village of wolves. Here she was reunited with her sister Shiranui. She found this village a little after she reverted to her wolf form. But being wolf most of her time, she was discovered by hunters. They took her away and burned her home village down with all her family as well. Only she and some other villagers survived the scotching flames. They were token to a place of hard labor, and toucher. There she was abused and beaten. She then finally got her chance to escape, and she took it. A year pasted of long seasons and harsh weathers. With all she lost in her life she turned cold, and un amused. When she came across another little village and was token in, and treated. After long years of recovering she then became herself again.

    Human History: Tsuki really only has bad memories of her life as a human, before she came across the village. She started out a very outgoing person. But as months progressed, and watching her family fight over nothing. She then forgot herself and was trapped in her own mind of memories and confusion. She remembers only a little of her father always fighting with her mother. And how she would always run away to her Sister’s place to stay. When she finally returned to see her mother she found her on the floor dead. She then devoted her life to find who killed her mother. When she did her mind was in so much of a cold fog that she forgot some of her memories. And in so much confusion and pain she revoted to her wolf. There she came across a village. And was slowly progressed to coming back to her normal self.

    Wolf Personality: Much like her human, she's hyper and playful. Again her bad moments are hard to come across unless remembered. She's known to be very very protective over my friends and family.

    Human Personality: She is a very outgoing person. The smallest things make her smile, and interest her. She's annoying to people that just have met her, but loved, and amused by her friends. Her bad moments are hard to come across, but when disturbed or remembered. She is not myself.

    Role play Sample: She was stalking the she-wolf throw the bitter snow. She only could make out the piercing red markings hidden in the snow. It was colder then usual, the cold sending chills through her body. But she ignored it. Slowly through the harsh snow she made her way to her. Within a flash there was grunt and a puff cloud of snow was all that was seen. “ I got you, I got you, I got you.” Jumping off her target, she pranced around happily and successfully. Shiranui grunted, stood up and return her a favor.

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