The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    General Information

    Name: Shizuko Darkheart

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Pack: Lillith is the leader of the ghost pack.

    Weight: Normal: 164 pounds Human: 190

    Height: Normal:4 feet high. Human:5 foot 11 inches

    Father: Fenrir. She does not know her other family’s true names.

    Wolf Appearance: Shizuko Darkheart Fire_wolf_by_wolfbecks Her entire body is a firey orange/red What long fur she does have flows beutifuly, She has peircing blue eyes and a mark of the god on her forehead, she has big paws but is still smaller then MiHiko, her tail is long and fluffy most of the time its always shifting when in a good mood.

    Human Appearance:
    Shizuko Darkheart Princess She has long red hair when in this form and always weres a tight princess like dress, the front of the skirt is made of white ruffles. The corsett top of the dress is a light shade of forest green she has a small swrod at her side.

    Personality: She is sweet honest and mostly nice when she gets mad its nothing to laugh at.

    Likes: Meat, singing, carving, Taking care of her pack.

    Dislikes: Her pack fighting with each other, and when somebody tries to fight her for leadership

    Frustrations: the wolves that think their' all that.

    Habits: Laying around the lake or under trees of any kind as well as watching the moon.

    Super Abilities: When she is really really irritated her eyes turn red with her trans form, she is also able to control all elements. Her weakness is when anybody says bad things during battles. She looses all concentration and doesn't pay attention. Sometimes thought this doesn't work as well as the opponent had hoped and instead made loose consciousness and destroys the opponent. when she gets back to her self she feels terrible for what she has done.

    History: She was born into a noble family. Lillith was the next in line to take over the pack. She was always forced to the side by her father and her sister as well as her brother the only one that gave her attention was her mother. One day she was forced to stay were they would meet for the traditional night, But her family did not come back. The only wolves to return was the rest of the pack, Everybody except her mother father and her sister and bother. When the pack returned and bowed to her as they did her father she was confused. One member of the pack stood and explained what had happened. Lillith had taken charge from that day and remains the leader. She swore revenge for her family.
    When she was 15 She had met the male named MiHiko, Her pack had all been destroyed and turned into a lone wolf. She was one of the loneliest wolves she loved other wolves but she had none left. She was always a sweet female but her taking over the command of ghost pack had changed her. She had always been a completely sweet female but once she was the alpha female her attitude when she was pissed was over the edge nobody could control her, only MiHiko as she knew the truth about everything he has done and respects him completely.

    As a human not many people know who she is they just know she has no family and loves to hang out with the male known as MiHiko. Not much is known about either of the peoples past.

    Rp Example: Shizuko Darkheart was sitting near a lake her front paws crossed infront of her. She had laid her head on her paws and had been watching the reflection of the moon on the waters. She heard footsteps behind her and she sighed. "Hello." she whispered her eyes shifted and she lifted her head. She looked at the shadow and smiled.

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    My friend shizuko you barely used the profile example givin, but well done you are accepted. Welcome to Vanishing paw

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