The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

    Adrian Semper Solus.

    Adrian Semper Solus
    Adrian Semper Solus

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    Name: Adrian Semper Solus.

    Nickname: Ian, Solus, or Loki.

    Gender: Male.

    Age: Sixteen.

    Grade: Sophmore.

    Breed: A mix of all breeds.

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, as in he goes for personality regardless of anything else.

    Wolf Appearence:
    Adrian Semper Solus. IceWolf
    Being an ice elemental is what contributes to the white fur. The black markings are
    alterations of his initial markings as a demi-god, but were altered when he became
    out-cast. Very lean, yet muscular and strong, not to be taken lightly. And the wings
    don't enable flight, he just glides on air currents.

    Human Appearence:
    Adrian Semper Solus. Caged
    The white hair is a result of his original wolf form. The glasses are just for show. As
    for the clothes, he tends to like dressing up and looking good, to be an attention
    grabber. Usually a button up shirt and slacks, the tie isn't always a part of his daily

    Wolf History:
    Being born of a human and god, he was out-cast by both. His god mother cared
    deeply for him and tried to protect him, but after a while, he hated forcing her
    through the slander being with her caused, so he left the gods. His human father
    was killed, though he doesn't know how.

    Human History:
    Even though he can still become a wolf, he prefers human form. He doesn't mind
    blending in, well to the extent. He likes being the center of good attention,
    hence why he dresses unusually sharp. He tends school just for something to do,
    since it's way to easy to be a challenge.

    Wolf Personality:
    He's the type of wolf that stays in the shadows, and surprisingly can blend into
    them very well for his bright color. He's a strategist, not surprising since he was
    a loner and an out-cast for most of his life. When in battle, he is ruthless and
    merciless and attacks to kill, no matter what. So if anyone tries to play
    around, they will get seriously messed up.

    Human Personality:
    Still with the loner persona, but not quite as vicious. He is very full of himself,
    but in a very charismatic way. He is the ideal student, friend, and love interest
    for most other people. But, since he's used to getting everything he wants as
    a human, he tends to go for the things that aren't interested in him.

    Roleplay Sample:
    As the bell's ring reverberated throughout the halls, signaling class, Adrian
    casually strolled into his class; Algebra II. He took his seat, the third one
    back in the last row by the window. He always seemed to be writing,
    drawing, or looking out of the window. This did not mean he wasn't paying
    attention. He fully absorbed everything the teacher said and taught, to the
    teacher's discontent. Many times, he would be called on to answer a
    question, only to infuriate the teacher with the right answer. Or even worse,
    getting perfect marks on all his work.

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    Very well i'll have My MiHiko accept it asap

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    very well welcome to vanishing paw

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