The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    Name: Vevilla Amer Grey

    Nickname: Vevilla refuses to accept nicknames, if you choose to though she’ll try to snap at you.
    (Sometimes she cuts her name down to Vells, but only she knows that..Don’t try to use it.)

    Gender: Femme

    Age: Sixteen (Which translates into being two ½ in wolf)

    Grade: Sophmore.

    Breed: A strong mix of all, though prominently Arctic.

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual, though normally she doesn’t even think about things like that.

    Wolf Appearance:
    The femme’s strong prominent feature (s) is her fur, the thick lush pelt of pure white. Her fur has been
    said to be the softest in her region, and she normally takes a lot of pride from it. Because of her region,
    she can easily blend into if she chooses to. Her pelt is quite thick, which helps her to keep warm in the l
    ow temperatures of the tundra/mountain area. Everything that she lives around seems to make her pelt
    brighter, though when she isn’t in her normal condition she is still quite stunning.

    The second feature that most will notice is that the femme’s orbs are an extremely rare ice blue. She
    inherited these from her mother, who was the goddess’ of ice. In the night air, they can be seen from a
    distance and this is normally a sign to leave if you are on her pack lands. Around her orbs are ‘ice flame’
    marks that she mysteriously got when she was a pup. The marks get darker or lighter, depending on her
    mood towards something. (Light – Good/Calm, Dark – Bad/Anger)

    Overall though, Vevilla’s body is lean and tone. She has small paws, almost like a cat which allow her to be
    more graceful and also quicker. She was built more for speed then for power, even though she has a fair
    amount of it.

    Human Appearance:
    Vevilla is also quite stunning when she is in a hume form. She stands at a solid 5’5 and weighs more or less
    than 123 pounds. Her tone is about the same as when she is in a wolf form, completely lean though not
    to the point where it is ‘too’ much. She tends to keep her form hidden with jackets and such, though
    sometimes she likes to flaunt herself to the others around her.

    Her hair darkens a little, turning into a more ‘snow’ color (almost a crème color in some lights.) Normally,
    Vevilla keeps it down and around her face; having some long bangs framing her face. When she is in the
    gym or running, she will throw it up into a long ponytail that ends in the middle of her back. Her hair overal
    l reaches a little above her butt.

    Her eyes are also something that changes. They become grey and quite emotionless, leaving her to seem
    more painfully angry. The markings that were around her eyes now fade, but act up when she is extremely
    emotional (crying, yelling, etc.)

    (Other markings happen to be a tattoo of a snowflake on her wrist with the writing ‘Til the frost comes
    again’ which is how she feels when she phases into her natural form.)

    Wolf History:
    To everyone else in her pack, Vevilla simply just appeared in the snow. She never let the pack know what
    really happened before the fateful day they found her. Though, now the story will come out.

    Vevilla was born to a goddess and a god, and she was destined to be great. The only problem was that her
    ‘parents’ believed that she would never learn if she wasn’t a ‘normal’ wolf. So being that they decided that
    when she was about six months that they would allow her to join the realm of the wolves and humes.

    When Vevilla found out she was saddened, but soon accepted her fate. She promised herself that she would
    return to the realms of the gods. As soon as she was dropped into the realm of wolves, she ran. She just
    kept running until her pads wore out and she dropped to the terra.

    This is where her future pack found her. They took her in, and made her one of them. After many months of
    training and learning, she took advantage of her power and challenged the leader of the pack. The fight
    wasn’t that hard for Vells because the alpha thought that the mere pup would not be able to win. Sadly, she
    did. Vevilla took the pack over. When the humes came..everything changed.

    Human History:
    When Vevilla was ‘given’ the choice to take a hume form, she hated the idea and tended to fight any humes
    that she came across. It was until one day that she decided to give in and accept that the only way to
    survive was to change.

    Now because of her ‘current’ situation, she attends a school that is close to her packlands. The high school
    allows for the humes to gather and learn. What a stupid idea, right? Because of what has been going on,
    some wolf-humes go to the school as well.

    Vevilla was put into tenth grade when she enrolled for the school, which hopefully will have some perks for
    her. Without anyone that she knows, she has plans to ‘cause trouble’ in this high school.

    Wolf Personality:
    Vevilla is the alphen of the Snow Hills pack, letting her be the most dominant wolf in her pack. She tends to
    seem hateful and filled to the brim with anger. Though this is true, she still maintains a calm aura to her. She
    tends to be snappy, and quite dangerous to other wolves around her. Even through all this, she is caring and
    loving to her pack. They are the only family she has now.

    Human Personality:
    Vevilla’s personality doesn’t change much, though she gets calmer and learns how to keep her mouth shut even
    though she doesn’t want it to be. She tends to stay away from the others, keeping to herself so that her ‘true’
    nature isn’t brought out. So really to the outside world, she is a quiet and calm loner. (This will change in the
    long run, I got plans.)

    Roleplay Sample:

    A young girls form entered the darkness of the forest. The girl seemed no more than sixteen years of age,
    though she was much more mature then that. The girls name was Vevilla Amer Grey. Her movements seemed
    more of a dance then a walk. Sighing, Vevilla stopped. She heard the snapping of twigs and sticks near her.
    She leaned against a tree, to better hear where and what exactly the thing was. Snap. Snap. Snap. The
    sounds got closer, and closer until. THUD! A branch almost landed on Vevilla’s head. She whispered a curse then
    looked up her hand on her head. She looked up noticing the squeaks of squirrels. “You better stop that…or I’ll
    eat ya when I turn back into a wolf!” they both scampered off when she whispered this to them. Removing her
    hand from her head, she gave another little sigh.

    The moon rested neatly in the sky. Crescent moon. She looked up, her icy blue silver eyes reflecting it. She
    kept walking, dodging all roots and trees that could block her path. She was heading to shore. As she headed
    towards the area, she heard the growing whispers of wolves and humes. She thought to herself, as she
    unknowingly started to hum the song ‘Room of Angels.’ As she half dance walked her way into the area, she
    paused and looked back and forth, then stepped into a clearing carefully.

    Vevilla stepped into the area without a small sound except for the soft tap of her shoes touching the wet,
    damp grass. She then sighed and pulled some hair out of her optics. Now it was quiet…that was somewhat
    disturbing to her. But at the same time it relieved her senses to know she was alone in the forest. As she
    continued to make her way to the shore, gently cooing of birds and rustling of animals made her close her
    optics. The forest was indeed a calming area to walk in.

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    Kinda confusing but good. Accepted

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