The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    Name: Ni WolfsBane


    Gender: Male

    Age: 19


    Breed: Timber wolf

    Sexual Orientation:Bi

    Wolf Appearence:Ni WolfsBane ____Calling_____by_Chireiyahis coat is black and greyish white.His eyes a red almost a crimson red. His tail slightly puffy.His ears pure black on the outside but greyish white on the inside.He has black markings around both his eyes.

    Wolf History: Ni grew up in a small pack maybe ten other wolves in the pack besides him,his mother,his father and his brother.Then when the humans invaded his terrtory.Ni was split from his pack.Unable to find any of his pack members thrist and hunger forced Ni to move on.Through he would never forget his pack..his family Ni was now forced to fight to survive the life of a loner.years would pass before Ni found another pack.But his trust in other wolves had been shattered.He would remain a loner for how long? No one knows.

    Wolf Personality: Ni's personality is like that of alot of loners.But one thing sets him apart.He is a caring soul willing to help but not to be helped.prefering the rough life of a loner to that of a softer life of a pack memeber.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Ni would awake to the bright morning,the light right in his eyes.As he stands up shaking the dirt from his fur he looks around carefully listening for any sign of motion. Just then he heard something in a near by bush. As he thinks"hmm..a bird?" he slowly and carefully walks toward the bush to check out the noise.The closer he gets to the bush the quieter the sound became he found this to be some what weird.He gently combs through the bush with his right front paw but what he found surpised him. It wasn't a small bird or frog no it was a baby wolf pup.

    He knew the mother or father or maybe both wouldn't be to far away.Perhaps the pup had simplely wandered from a nearby densite. If that was the case Ni knew that it would be up to him to return the pup without being killed in the process. It was weird Ni was a loner everything in his body was telling no screaming at him to leave the pup. But as much as he tryed Ni couldn't bring himself to walk away he soon found himself scooping the pup by the scruff of its neck and sniffing the air.But he wasn't able to pick up a scent there was no densite no other wolf within ten miles. So where did this pup come from?. With a heavy sigh ni had almost given up hope for the little pup he himself had barely servived alone as a pup and he was abit older then this pup.

    Just then Ni caught a faint scent but it puzzled him. It was so close so why was it so faint?. He walks toward the scent carefully carrying the pup in his jaws. As he reaches a tree he peers around and there she was. A she wolf and she was in a panic he wondered if she was indeed this pups mother. He set the pup down and nudged it toward the female but it was no use the pup just stayed put.Ni let out a frustrated sigh as he picked the pup up walking toward the female abit more. Then he placed the pup back down and nudged it toward the female again but again it was no good the pup didn't budge.

    Ni nudged the pup again but this time it seemed to work. As the pup slowly walked towards the female.The female turned around and seemed to be overly excited to have her pup returned safely to her.She ran up to the pup nuzzling him all over but when she looked up to thank the heroic wolf who had saved her pup.He had disappeared but he stayed just close enough that he could see the her and The pup.He knew they were better off without him.He smiled as he watched the female tuck the pup under her and walk away into the woods.

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    Very Well, Accepted.

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