The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

    Wolf.. In place of an Angel


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    Wolf.. In place of an Angel Empty Wolf.. In place of an Angel

    Post  MiHiko on Sat May 12, 2012 12:18 pm

    MiHiko stood inside of the graveyard, no emotion showing as he glared down at one of the familiar graves. His body moved as he leaned down letting his fingers touch against the headstone, above a tall angel made of stone, so smooth and gentle looking stood atop, as if guarding the Gave. MiHiko's eyes lifted away from the name to rest upon the the Angel's Large stone wings. Disgust filled him as his hands moved forming a very tight fist.

    MiHiko moved into a standing position as he moved his fist back cocking it before he let it fly at the chest of the angel. His fist made contact with the angel knocking it back, the entire angel falling and smashing to pieces behind the grave. "Fucking Idiots..." He muttered to himself before his body slowly turned into that of a very large wolf.

    He huffed as he moved putting his front two paws on the base of the statue the angel was on before he lifted his back two up as well, he turned in a circle before completely laying down. His head resting ontop of his front two paws as he just stared out into the darkness. A shiver moving down his back making his furr ruffle slighlty.

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