The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    Many months had passed since Sol was born into the world of Vescrutia. And now, through the same way he came, he would exit. For now, her retained his form as the redhead that had entered Vescrutia. He stood in the endless plain, outside of Vescrutia's hell and the road to eternal slumber. He could see it from there, but it was only a small line far below him. With a sigh he turned from the latest reality that he had called home so briefly and the memories that had come with it.

    "I'm going to miss you Yuki, Shiro, Kyo. I hope you all take care of yourselves." Sol began to walk on the faintly glowing path that lead higher into nothingness.

    "You are early, Sol. Why have you abandoned this world?" The omnipotent voice asked as Sol's hair began to turn white, losing its color.

    "This world did not need me. For salvation nor for destruction. There was plenty of it everywhere. Besides, be it to rise the world or to destroy it, I believe that the decision will not fall to the current leaders of the world, nor to my judgment alone. It will fall onto the next generation, the new breed of shinobi that will rise in the world of Vescrutia. The time for change is upon them, sooner than they know it. I don't have a part in that...but Kyo..."

    The omnipotent voice remained silent. Sol's clothing had lost its color in his small explanation, and now his body began to glow in its pure white visage. "You have grown, Sol. Never did we expect you to leave a world to its own fate. Your death was premature, yet the consequences of your actions are minor. Are you sure this is the wisest decision for the Kusanagi that you have cursed though?"

    Sol chuckled. He slowed as a door of light appeared several yards ahead of him. "Funny how that works. I believe that my curse will be one of his greatest strengths. He is someone who has seen light and darkness, has experienced good and bad and has dealt in both of them. If anyone can carry my burden its him."

    "You put so much faith in this man. Why?"

    Sol stopped right in front of the door to the omniverse. Before his body became overwhelmed in the light that would forever take his existence from the world of Vescrutia, he looked back on the world. " matter the enemies that may come forth, be them past friend or only foe, never let the light or darkness of your hearts take away what truly matters. The bonds that you have with another or even yourselves hold the true strength that will lead you all towards tomorrow. Never lose sight of what you wish to achieve be it salvation or destruction. Move forward to the future and never let anyone stop you."

    His gaze fell upon Kyo as his being spoke out to the world of Vescrutia as a whole. "Never lose sight of yourself." With a swift turn, Sol's body became light, shining brightly in the surreal reality before the light was overrun by a door of darkness slamming itself shut, and also pulling the curtain on the life that was once Sol Arcanza.
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    The journey had been long, the empty space all around him being his only companion for several millennium until the omnipotent voices once again spoke to him.

    "Sol, we have found another world for you. This one is remnant to Alestia, the inhabitants being what was referred to as Beastoni. The predominant inhabitants seem to be wolves, and the gods of this reality have intimate connections with their charges."

    The formless ball of light that was Sol would unfurl, his features starting to take shape once again. His body formed into that of a human, but it was still all light.

    "It's about time. I was starting to get bored waiting for you guys. What will I need to do here?" His body began to take on the traits of a teenager again.

    "We cannot be certain. The factions of gods in this realm may choose you for their own will, or you may find that this world could be your home for a while. Think of this like a vacation."

    Sol's face would have faulted if he had one. Running his hand through his newly appearing hair, he sighed. "Since when in the last 10 trillion years (that number is not exaggerated) have you ever had the remote thought to give me a vacation. The fact that I'm going to be doing this for the rest of eternity, I think I'm going to be needing a vacation longer than 300 years dammit!"

    The voices remained silent. Sol thought for once in over 3000 years, he had finally shut them up. But then it spoke up again.

    "Sol, we have decided to make you a red head again."

    With wide eyes, Sol grabbed his long locks and watched as it bled red. "Aww dammit! I'm sorry, okay, geez! I was a red head in Vescrutia, don't do this to me again!"

    "Too late. It's time for you to awaken."

    Sol grumbled and sat down in the empty space as a door of light appeared before him. "No! I won't go!"

    An invisible force blew into him from behind and pushed him through the door, the omnipotent voice ignoring his protest.

    " seems within the last few millennium, we have developed a sense of humor." It spoke before contently fading away to observe the rest of Sol's life.

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    MiHiko had been sleeping peacefully on the exact same headstone he had broke only a few hours ago, the angel sat on the floor crumbled into several different pieces he still wished that they humans were smart enough not to have put an angel statue atop of a grave to a person they didn't know. Anger had already surrounded his figure before he fell asleep so it was sure to be he would wake up angry.

    His eyes had started to shift around inside of his eyelids as he was slowly waking up, A random shot of light in the area of a close vicinity had woke him up with a start, his anger already about as high as it was when he had fallen asleep. The wind throwing sharp winds toward him, his fur becoming fluffy the more the wind blew.

    His kissers curled to show razor-sharp sabers. MiHiko snarled threateningly. The hair on the back of his neck lifted showing how aware and angry he was. His ice blue eyes shifted looking for the cause of the light. He sniffed at the air the smell he caught was unfamiliar and he knew something wasn't right here. "What the fuck..?" he muttered within a snarl.

    The chain around his ankle clattered against the rocks making loud noises. His ears perked as his eyes narrowed seeing something that looked like red hair. He sniffed the air again before he slowly lifted his figure into that of a fighting stance, his front hunched down, another loud snarl escaping him, the sound ripping thought the air.

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