The land of wolves have been over run. Now the wolves are humans and the only two who can change this is the gods.

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    Takashi, MiHiko (Beautiful Prince)

    Hiko (Prince)



    3 (19 in human years)

    Mixture of all breeds

    Sexual Orientation:

    Family Members:
    Father-Strycnine God of Fire,
    Mother- Lysistrata Goddess of Earth,
    Sister-Shiranui Hitogoroshi

    Wolf Appearance: MiHiko Takashi Wolf
    He has green and white fur, When he was a wolf in the old days when It was still there teritory before he had found the land he was cought, when he was he was chained up. He broke free. When he was chained they pierced his ears and it hurt but he loves it know, he also has a chain stuck to his front left paw and considered it a braclete. he has piercing blue eyes and on his forhead he has the symble of his parents it was a god symble. he has sharp teeth, he is muscular and his fur is very soft till angry then it looks soft yet is harder then needles.

    Human Appearance:
    MiHiko Takashi Power_of_abyss_by_hizuki24
    In his human form he caries around a long, thick black sword with a cross on it and the hilt is very unusual, he wears a black tanktop with a white vest that has a tair down the up the side. He has a belt that wrapps around his waist three times with two diffrent belt buckles, He wears leather pants that are skin tight,

    Wolf History:
    MiHiko as a pup was thought by his parents. But as MiHiko was two months old they dropped him to earth and he was set to roam and live life as a 'regular' wolf. MiHiko roamed earth as a lone wolf until he was captured. He was captured by a stalky hunter by name Hiko could not remember. He was chained in the backyard of a zoo owner. He can still remember the faint words. "I will not use you in my zoo, for thy would make a very good outside pet" he managed to break the chain after he woke up and ran, the shackle still on his front left flank with three parts of the chain still attached.

    When he ran he managed to find a place untouched by humans. This he could tell because of the smell. He hunted in the grounds and did everything as a Lone wolf would do till he met Larka. He was then appointed one of the head wolves of the area and made into Alpha of the Forest pack because of his powers over all earth and fire.

    When it was still wolf territory he always ran with Larka, but one day they became unhappy with the land for it became a war zone between packs, they decided to let all the humans take over the wolves land and all wolves become humans. Only gods could shape shift back into there wolves state. Larka and MiHiko was very unhappy and was thought to have disappeared. Little did the old wolves know that the gods only roamed in human form. His sister did not die, she only went to live with there parents.

    Human known History:
    His past is barely known, he showed up in the village with no family But what is known is that when he was a kid he used to get beat till his parents and beloved older sister died in a car crash, He doesn’t talk about his history much.

    Wolf Personality:
    MiHiko can be ruthless at times but has become nice. He has the alpha instinct so when he uses the alpha voice witch sounds powerful and forceful causes other wolves in his pack to bow and do as told. He is very protective over his land though. So be aware if you are to trespass your head could be ripped off. Can be very cocky.

    Human personality:
    Hiko barely talks around others but when he does it is worth listening to. When he is with his friends he has no problem speaking and is actually quiet cocky, then again that’s how he was in wolf form as well. His best friend is Larka, another wolf god. He is very smart and gets straight A’s in the school he is to graduate

    Roleplay example: ( I have a tendency to play many different characters.)

    Luna stood on the edge of a forested area near the school with her lunch. She sighed as she slowly began to walk in moving around the trees, Her head had hurt in the school because there wasn't very much room for her to move around in the cafeteria. She walked around until she found a huge willow tree. She moved the branches that hung down to the ground and stepped inside and let the branches drop. She sat under the tree near the trunk. Her eyes shifted as she looked around and began to eat. To anybody on the outside of the branches it looked like a Curtin thrown of the side of the tree. She then looked down at her tray and sighed. She hated human food but would eat it if necessary. She slowly began to eat then pushed the tray away and pulled out a bottle of animal blood and began to sip on it. A figure followed her from the school to the tree and laid down next to her. Luna looked over and looked at Shadow. The wolf looked up at her then laid his head on his paws and closed his eyes.

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